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Consistent Quality
Consistent Quality
SWOT Ecig prides herself for the ability to maintain the same high quality during each manufacturing process. Our rigorous manufacturing procedures and dedication for details as listed below proves that our customers can count on the quality consistency that they want to rely on, when making an order:
At SWOT e-cig, there are no differences between product samples and mass produced products, we provide you the guarantee of our production.
· Registered and thoroughly implementation of ISO 14001
· Visual optimizing management
· ERP implementation with bar codes
· Prevent defects from happening (our motto: right at first time)
· Root cause oriented for mistake, defect and its solution
· Immediate corrective action and continuous improvement
· Seamless communication throughout all processes (excellent English and communication skills)
· Highly trained and skilled workforce
· Timely reports
· Products and documents traceability
· Comply with the ROHS directives
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