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Well Organized Factory

Organization structure

Our company is experience based business and our customers expect us to know who we are.

Finance Department
The Finance team at SWOT works closely with the business teams to support manages and improves our business performance. The Finance team works towards this goal by guaranteeing accurate financial results and developing tools that support effective decision making and business analysis to help the business grow.
Marketing Department
Our international marketing team is organized according to the specific product category and territory: the marketing teams are responsible for implementing the marketing requests of their customers and the market, develop the product and marketing plans and decide the overall strategic direction of the product range.
HR Department
To support the needs of our business with engaged and talented employees, at SWOT, the Human Resources team aims to attract, retain and develop talented employees whose full potential is developed. Our training entity is of key importance to this objective. With the hiring of new employees we would like to provide working opportunities for long term employees. Responsibilities cover various aspects of HR such as HR management, People Development, Labor Relations, Compensation & Benefits and Internal Communication.
Operations  Department
The main objective is to manufacture thousand products every day that respect SWOT's quality and price standards.Our mission is to ensure the best management of our manufacturing process. This involves developing a strong knowledge with our employees of the products, processes and manufacturing programs as well as communicating regularly between the different sections.
Quality Control responsibilities include managing the quality of products manufactured in our factory, monitoring the quality level of our suppliers with regular audits and plans for improvement, developing and maintaining quality systems that ensure stable and robust processes, collaborating on a regular basis with the new product development teams.

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